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Search Results: KTH-XW4200A/1G - Part Detail

Description    Replaced by KTH-XW4400E6/1G
Specification    Standard 128M X 72 ECC 533MHz 240-pin Unbuffered DIMMDDR2, 1.8V, CL4
Mfr Equiv #    384376-051 (HP/Compaq); 390824-B21 (HP/Compaq); 398955-001 (HP/Compaq); DY652A (HP/Compaq)
Form Factor    Memory Module
Pieces/Unit    1
Warranty    Lifetime
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Notice :
All Kingston products are tested to meet our published specifications. Not all systems or motherboard configurations will operate at these published specifications. Overclocking the CPU or Memory Bus may result in damage to computer components. Optimal settings for individual configurations may be less than published HyperX module speeds and timings. Kingston does not recommend that any user attempt to run their computers faster than the OEM published specifications.

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